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  • Herbal Supplements for Pain Management

    When your body is experiencing some discomfort, you should first consider herbal supplements for pain. Nature has its own way of healing. Instead of going for over-the-counter medicines that may be detrimental for your health in the long run, it is advisable that you go for the natural alternativ... View Post
  • What to Do If You Test Positive for the Coronavirus?

    We at Healing Blends Global want this to be our least read article. We wish every human being health, safety, and fortitude in these difficult times.  But the sad reality warrants accurate information on the subject of what to do if you test positive for the Coronavirus. Well, first you should f... View Post
  • Causes and Risks of High HbA1c

    HbA1c comes in different names like hemoglobin A1C, glycosylated hemoglobin, glycated hemoglobin. It is a laboratory marker used to assess the long-term levels of blood glucose. The values represent the average of your blood glucose level for the past 3 to 4 months. Unlike random or fasting blood... View Post
  • How to Treat Menopause Symptoms Naturally: 4 Steps to Start Feeling Like Yourself Again

    Menopause is a normal stage in the life of every woman. It is an inevitable part of aging that may start as early as mid-30’s, 40’s, or in most individuals, it can come as late as in their 50’s. When one experiences menopause, it marks the end of her monthly “period”. The result is the loss of fe... View Post
  • How To Control Blood Sugar and Live A Quality Life

    Alongside hypertension (high blood pressure), diabetes is one of the most common medical terms you hear nowadays in any health-related media. In fact, the two conditions often go together, combined with obesity and shortening life spans of people worldwide. Still, although high blood sugar is dan... View Post