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As with any great story, it starts with a personal connection. The best stories are about overcoming great challenges - and the greater the challenge, the better the story. And our story is no different. From a grim diagnosis to a passion for healing that spans the globe, this story has it all.

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Dr. Charlie Ware

Dr. Ware knows personally what it’s like to face a seemingly “hopeless” health situation. Born with the sickle cell beta and told that he would likely not live into his early 20’s, he had a choice: surrender to his diagnose or find another way.

Rather than succumb to a life of limitations, he has become a leading expert in the world of all-natural herbal formulas. Putting his knowledge of traditional Chinese herbology to work, Dr. Ware’s brainchild, Healing Blends Global, was birthed out of his desire to heal himself. It has since revolutionized the way users think of and consume nutritional supplements. Healing Blend’s flagship product EvenFlo is at the cutting edge of the Sickle Cell Disease movement and is clinically proven to be 97% effective at preventing the sickle cell crisis.

About Sickle Cell

Sickle cell disease affects millions of people worldwide and is particularly common among people originating from sub-Saharan Africa, Saudi Arabia, India, South America and Central America, and Mediterranean countries, such as Turkey, Greece, and Italy.

Sickle cell disease is a group of inherited red blood cell disorders. The red blood cells become hard and sticky and look like a C-shaped farm tool called a “sickle” and the cells die early, which causes a constant storage of red blood cells. Healthy red blood cells are round and move through small blood vessels to carry oxygen to all parts of the body.

According to DHEC, "the only cure for SCD is a bone marrow or stem cell transplant. These transplants are very risky, and can have serious side effects, including death."

Healing Blends Global Sickle Cell


affected by SCD


newborns diagnosed


Babies born each year
with SCD worldwide


Expected increase in births
with SCD by 2050

The Sickle Cell Epidemic

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Healing Blends Global Evenflo

EvenFlo Is Born

As a natural medicine physician who has been in his patients’ shoes, Dr. Charlie Ware passionately works to find remedies for his patients' ailments. His first formula, of course, resonated with his own battle: sickle cell disease.

Finding the perfect solution to his own battle, Dr. Ware developed EvenFlo: the first supplement of its kind, proven 97% effective in double-blind studies. The formula has continued to help individuals with the debilitating effects of SCD - with zero negative side effects.

In an industry where the average rate of product effectiveness is painfully low, Healing Blends Global is leading the charge against sickle cell disease, offering not only healing, but hope to patients around the world.

The Work Continues

With his patients’ variety of needs always in mind, Dr. Ware has employed his passion for natural, medicine and created numerous herbal supplements to help with a wide range of ailments; from sore throats and tummy aches to diabetes and malaria. Dr. Ware doesn’t back down from a challenge and considers no diagnose as "too dire.”

Already having formulated a well-curated collection of natural, herbal remedies, Dr. Ware and his wife, Dr. Caroline, continue to create natural products that everyone can have in their household pantry.

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World Health Epidemic

Healing Blends Global

Stress and Anxiety

275 million people are
affected with stress
and anxiety worldwide.

Healing Blends Global


463 million people
live with diabetes

Healing Blends Global


1.28 billion people
live with hypertension

Be the Solution

Our passion drives us to contribute to the relief of those impacted by these devastating conditions around the world. The same determination in creating EvenFlo is how all our formulas are made. We continue to research, create and test new formulas.

Healing Blends Global

Our products are designed with bioactive nutrients for your specific conditions. All in one formula.

Healing Blends Global

Our supplements stand up to clinical trials with 97% success rate.

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Our products are used in clinics and hospitals around the world.

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