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Optimize Your Health,

By combining scientific research with the sovereignty of nature, Healing Blends Global has become the leader in providing effective, all-natural herbal supplements aimed to treat the root cause of specific health concerns with nature's own remedies.

Evenflo and HB Zin

Nature's Own Pharmacy

At Healing Blends Global, our core belief is that nature is the best healer. Using the wisdom of natural medicine, coupled with modern science, our proprietary blends cause the body to flourish - the way nature intended.


Why Natural

"Over 70% of all new drugs introduced in the last 25 years in the U.S. are derived from natural products”. Journal of Natural Products, March 23 2007 issue. For thousands of years, herbal remedies have been used to effectively treat various ailments. Natural medicine has been shown to be safer, more effective, and causes fewer side effects.

Healing Blends Global

What Makes Healing Blends Different?

Healing Blends Global stands out in three ways,

  • 1

    Our patent extraction process is designed to preserve the bioactive nutrients in each herb making them more effective.

  • 2

    The formulation process is designed to enhance the synergistic effects of each herb to maximize efficacy in treating the root cause.

  • 3

    Each herb is tested to ensure safety.

  • Non-GMO
  • Gluten Free
  • Vegan
  • No Artificial Colors

Our Story Drives Our Passion

Our story begins with Dr. Ware’s struggle with sickle cell, but turned into a burning passion to help those throughout the world ravaged by the impact of sickle cell disease (and other major health concerns).

Our passion drives us to contribute to the relief of those impacted by these devastating conditions around the world.

Healing Blends Global Condition Specific

Our products are designed with bioactive nutrients for your specific conditions. All in one formula.

Healing Blends Global Clinically Proven

Our supplements stand up to clinical trials with 97% success rate.

Healing Blends Global Professinal Grade

Our products are used in clinics and hospitals around the world.

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