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Support your health, vitality, and well-being with Healing Blends 100% all-natural proprietary formulas, clinically proven to be fast-acting and effective. Our products exceed the standards set by the FDA and cGMP.

Sickle Cell

EvenFlo supports the symptoms of sickle cell

EvenFlo for Sickle Cell LEARN MORE

Sickle Cell (Pediatric)

EvenFlo Jr supports the symptoms of sickle cell

EvenFlo Jr for Sickle Cell LEARN MORE

Diabetic Support

A1Care maintains healthy glucose and A1C levels

A1Care for Diabeties Support LEARN MORE

Blood Pressure

HTN-Care naturally reduces blood pressure

HTN-Care for Blood Pressure LEARN MORE

Parasitic Infections

MalCare supports parasitic and malarial infections

MalCare for Parasitic and Malarial Infections LEARN MORE

Immune System

Liquid Chlorophyll supports the immune system

Liquid Chlorophyll for Immune System LEARN MORE

Arthritis Relief

EF-Arthritis helps to decrease arthritis pain and improve flexibility


Cold & Flu

Vi-Rid helps alleviate and shorten the duration of cold and flu

Vi-Rid Cold and Flu Support LEARN MORE

Customer Reviews

After I recieved my shipment of EvenFlo, I immediately took a dose and I was amazed at the boost of energy and the feeling of well, it changed my mood, almost like a joy drug, I told many people about Evenflo and Healingblends at my church 2 members have order product they love Evenflo and… Read more “Stanley L.”

Stanley L.

I saw almost an immediate improvement in my daughter. I will buy this (Evenflo Jr) again.

Amy H.

“I have had the pleasure of working with Dr. Ware for over 10 years and I strongly recommend him to my patients.”

Lynn Meister, M.D. - Pediatric Hematologist/Oncologist

“I’ve been taking EF-arthritis for just 2 weeks and have noticed a considerable difference in my hands. I’m 92 years old and have been suffering with osteoarthritis for years. I’m now able to bend my fingers and pick-up things.”


“Since my child has been taking Malcare, she has not had any infections, before she would have infections all the time. I’m thankful for MalCare.”


“My episodes of crises slowed down tremendously – I would recommend this product to anyone that is ‘sick and tired of being sick and tired.'”

Tiffany H.

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