Our Mission – Healing Blends

Breaking Barriers.
Crossing Borders.

While Healing Blends Global prides itself on the work we have done here in the United States, the greatest need for treatment lies abroad. And, where there is the greatest need, our passion will reach that far.

Healing Blends Global
Healing Blends Global

"A roaring lion kills no game." - African Proverb

This proverb speaks to the uselessness of words without actions. Sitting around and talking about something gains nothing. Change only comes when people get involved and take action.

At Healing Blends Global, it is our mission to take action against the health crisis affecting the most vulnerable communities in the world. With over 5,000,000 cases of sickle cell disease on the African continent, our actions express our priorities.

In Africa, an estimated

50 to 80%

of infants born with sickle cell
disease die before they are

5 years old

(Aygun & Odame, 2012)


Children born each day with
SCD in Africa


Affected children who will
not reach adulthood


Babies born each year
with SCD worldwide


Percentage of Nigerians
who carry the SCD trait

Global Concern

Sickle cell has no viable cure.

Of those countries most impacted by sickle cell are Nigeria, India, and the Democratic Republic of Congo. India aside, the greatest occurrences of SCD is on the African continent, with no signs of reduction. In fact, the percentage of carriers with the SCD trait has continued to increase, making the likelihood of more SCD births a greater risk.

Healing Blends Global
Healing Blends Global Healing Blends Global Healing Blends Global

But There Is Hope

Reaching past the borders of the United States, Dr. Ware's passion has driven the Healing Blends Global team to participate in life-giving relief efforts throughout Africa - and into the most marginalized areas of the world. Our products are widely accepted worldwide, and mostly due to our use of safe, natural, and effective herbal formulas.

Currently, his team is working with various government and non-government agencies around the world, building partnerships by which Healing Blends Global can provide the care needed for those impacted by sickle cell disease. To date, these partnerships now include multiple medical clinics throughout Africa, as well as the construction of a hospital in Jinja, Uganda. Our work has led to the rescue of countless lives, but it has only just begun.

Using the proceeds gained from Healing Blends Global, Dr. Ware's team has started a non-profit organization purposed to advocate for those still in need of the care they deserve.

Beyond sickle cell, our research continues into the areas of diabetes, hypertension, and even conditions such as malaria. Never one to back down from a challenge, Dr. Ware continues his research, creating new formulas regularly and continuing the clinical testing required to prove their efficacy.

Healing Blends Global

Healing Blends Partnership


Hospitals started in four
different countries


Children have received
treatment from HBG


Success rate of treatments
in Africa

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