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Sickle Cell

  • SCD & Pain: Essential Fatty Acids Can Reduce Sickle Cell Pain

    Fatty acids are the natural components of fats and oils that can be divided into saturated, mono-unsaturated, and poly-saturated fatty acids. Among these, essential fatty acids (EFA) are a special type of ‘good fat’ that the human body needs for important biological processes. However, the human... View Post
  • Exercise and its benefits for Sickle Cell Disease (SCD) Kids and Adolescents

    It is a well-known fact that exercise exerts various positive health benefits like improved blood circulation, muscle function and anti-inflammatory actions on the general population. At the same time, it is also known that dehydration and extreme exertion can exacerbate inflammation and lead to ... View Post
  • Sickle Cell Disease and Inflammation: The What, Why & How

    Sickle cell disease (SCD) refers to a group of red blood cell related disorders like HbSC, HBSO, etc. that affect hemoglobin in the body. It is a genetic disease inherited at birth by a child that receives two sickle cell genes instead – one from each parent   What Causes Sickle Cell Disease? T... View Post
  • Nutrition & Sickle Cell Disease: Diet for a Better Life

    Diet and nutrition are indispensable facets of good health but a well- balanced diet is definitely more important for sickle cell disease patients. The current data indicates that patients with sickle cell disease need a higher level of nutrition and food just like a pregnant woman or growing ch... View Post
  • Sickle Cell Disease & Yoga: Benefits, Practices & Results

    There is an unwarranted stigma surrounding exercise among many healthcare practitioners and patients with sickle cell disease. In part, this is due to the notion that heavy exercise can lead to increased risk of heart problems and vaso-occlusive crisis. Historically speaking, exercise has been c... View Post