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Revolutionizing the Way Sickle Cell Disease is Managed: EvenFlo Proven 93% Effective in Preventing Crisis (Peer-Reviewed Study)

The complex nature of Sickle Cell Disease makes it difficult for patients to lead a normal life. 

They have to live with acute/chronic pain and an increased risk of infections. Furthermore, the vaso-occlusive episodes (crisis) are disabling and lead to recurring hospitalization of the patient. 

Making matters worse is the fact that despite a large body of academic research, the number of viable, affordable, and effective treatment options is limited.

A bone marrow transplant or stem cell transplant is considered a definitive treatment, but it is a high-risk and expensive procedure that requires a matched donor.

On the more non-invasive side of the spectrum, patients can either take hydroxyurea or get red blood cell transfusions to treat SCD. However, these treatments are also expensive and can lead to severe & adverse side-effects.


Introducing EvenFlo™ by Healing Blends Global


Healing Blends Global was established with a mission to uplift underserved populations, one community at a time.

Our founder, Dr. Charlie Ware was diagnosed with the sickle cell trait and he understands first hand the challenges and the traumas faced by sicklers.

As a warrior who is now living a full life and doing things that most patients with Sickle Cell disease can’t, EvenFlo is a distillation of his life’s work and research. It is next generation science that leverages phytochemicals (good effects of herbs) to positively influence and alter genetic expression in Sickle Cell patients over time.

Evenflo is an all-natural, fast-acting, and has analgesic-like effects that may be able to  manage acute and chronic pain – now clinically proven to be 93% effective at preventing crisis.

EvenFlo derives its active components from Jujube, Poria, Atractylodes, Codonopsis, Dong Quai, Corydalis, Licorice root, Rehmannia root, Salvia miltiorrhiza, and White Peony.


Dig deeper into how this unique blend of herbs offers the benefits that have been proven in trial. Read our Product sheet.


The results of clinical trials of EvenFlo have been published in a peer-reviewed journal that links it to significant improvements in weight, reduction in crisis, and hospitalizations.


Two Separate Clinical Trials Proving EvenFlo’s Effectiveness:

Two separate clinical studies have been conducted on EvenFlo with the latter being published in a peer-reviewed journal.

Both studies indicate that EvenFlo is safe and effective as a nutritional sickle cell supplement. Let us look at the methodology and results of each in more detail. 


Study Conducted in Cameroon:

The study was conducted on SCD patients in Cameroon between 4 and 47 years of age under the supervision of a team of well-regarded medical doctors and researchers. Patients selected for the study had a medical record to indicate fatigue, weakness, and low weight due to SCD. 

You can reference the methodology and the conclusions here.


Efficacy of EvenFlo Published in NHSRJ – a Peer-Reviewed Journal:


Nursing & Health Sciences Research Journal published ‘Efficacy of the Nutritional Supplement, EvenFlo, in the Management of Sickle Cell Disease: A Randomized Controlled Trial’.



The researchers conducted a randomized double-blind, active-controlled, clinical trial in Obama Children’s Clinic – a designated SCD facility in a teaching and medical research hospital in Kisumu. The study was conducted on 70 SCD patients between the ages of 5-12 years.

Half of the patients formed the control group (not given EvenFlo) while the others were a part of the intervention group that used EvenFlo. The baseline characteristics of patients in each group were similar in terms of age, gender, weight, and hemoglobin level.

The control group was given one capsule of folic acid (500mcg) per day. The control group was given 2 EvenFlo (500mg) and one Folic Acid (500mcg) capsule per day. Patients were followed for six months and their clinical information was noted every 30 days.



In a 6-month time frame, 93.1% of the control group subjects experienced one or more crises while none (0%) of the intervention group experienced a crisis. Over 3 months, the group using EvenFlo had a significantly higher mean weight than the control group. An equally significant difference was also observed after 180 days.

In the duration of the trial, the intervention group saw a 9.65 pounds increase in their mean weight, while the control group saw a 2.31 pounds decrease in mean weight. The results of this randomized controlled trial concluded that EvenFlo is effective in managing SCD.


The study indicates that EvenFlo significantly limits the onset of crises suffered by patients.

It also demonstrated the ability to improve hemoglobin concentration and weight indices, which are critical in improving the quality of life among SCD patients. Most importantly, the study noted that there were no noticeable side effects with EvenFlo.


Summarizing both clinical trials:

  • EvenFlo significantly reduces the occurrence of crisis in Sickle Cell patients 
  • EvenFlo improves weight indices for Sickle Cell patients 
  • EvenFlo improves hemoglobin count in Sickle Cell patients

EvenFlo is one of the only Sickle Cell supplements in the world to be peer-reviewed. But we have also analyzed what its benefits and impact mean for those who take it on a regular basis.  


What 93% Effective Means to Our Community. The Healing Blends EvenFlo Survey Results.


To understand just how underserved the Sickle Cell community is, we need to review the facts.

Traditionally Folic Acid is one of the main supplements recommended by physicians to sickle cell warriors. In the peer reviewed study we have referenced, the control group on a regime of Folic Acid saw comparatively poorer results in terms of improvement in weight gain and hemoglobin counts, as compared to the intervention group on a regime of Folic Acid with EvenFlo.


Most sicklers don’t have access to EvenFlo and are resigned to leading lives where problems like: 

  • Slow mental growth and development 
  • Stunted physical growth 
  • Anemia and Malnutrition 
  • Frequent Crisis episodes and costly hospitalization 
  • Inability to participate in sports, swimming, and other outdoor activities


Are the norm.


To complement the hard data we collected from the clinical trials, we also ran a qualitative survey with EvenFo consumers in our database.


  • Nearly all users reported a significant reduction in pain within a matter of days. Some of the users have reported no crisis at all after using EvenFlo. Among those who have had an occasional crisis, a majority of them report that it was for a shorter duration of time than before. 
  • The common positive outcomes include increased weight, significantly better appetites, and better energy levels.  
  • SCD patients who used EvenFlo also reported less frequent hospitalizations or visits and strengthened hemoglobin counts. They also feel healthy and active, not anemic. 
  • Some unexpected positives such as a reduction in menstrual cramps and a decrease in oversensitivity all over the body. 



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