Free Resources

Ultimate Sickle Cell Toolkit

Tired of being in pain, emotional distress and perpetual information overwhelm? This Toolkit is created to bring you the latest in sickle cell research by pioneer Dr. Charlie Ware. Use the videos and infographics to live a life without limits, even if you have sickle cell disease.

Ultimate Diabetes Toolkit

You’ve given up chocolates, cupcakes and most of your favorite dishes. But you can still have a sweet life, post diabetes, with the information you’ll find in this toolkit. Dr. Charlie Ware, a pioneer in natural healing has compiled short videos to help you understand how you can not only control, but reverse this condition.

Ultimate Arthritis Toolkit

Do you think twice before planning a weekend away? Are hobbies like hiking and swimming a distant dream? Do you feel trapped and inadequate because of Arthritis? Dr. Charlie Ware, the pioneer who has mobilized the “life without limits” movement, has compiled videos to help you understand your condition, and best it!

Ultimate Anxiety Toolkit

Is anxiety all in your head? Probably the visits to your therapist haven’t yielded much relief… This is because anxiety, like most conditions, has physical causes that compound the symptoms. In this toolkit, Dr. Charlie Ware walks you through the simple and natural steps you can take for a speedy recovery.