13 Health-Giving Recipes Covering All Your Important Meals. Eating Right Just Got Easy. 

Do you feel energized and restored after every meal? 

Or do you go about your day craving the next snack and with barely any will to tackle your tasks? 

While you wait to fill the empty tank of your body's engine, life with its many opportunities is passing you by. The Healing Blends Restoration Diet is a done-for-you recipe booklet that simplifies healthy eating. 

Start investing in easy meals that satisfy your hunger, give your body the nutrients it needs, and also understand what it takes to overcome previous unhealthy eating habits that have kept you weak, tired and at the mercy of  junk foods. 


  • Psychology behind unhealthy eating habits. 

  • The game-changing concept of Dietary Daily Essentials (DDE). 

  • 13 done-for-you lip smacking recipes covering breakfast, lunch, dinner and snacks. 

13 Health-Giving Recipes. Balanced Eating Simplified.

No fancy ingredients. Just energizing meals that restore your body.

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