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A life-changing, peer-reviewed Sickle Cell supplement that’s 93% effective at preventing crisis.

Evenflo has been my best friend !!..I was experiencing crisis back to back. Going from being in pain almost everyday to now barely having pain at all is a blessing. I would recommend Evenflo to all ” - Chenelle Gomez


  • Improves quality of life. Feel better daily.  
  • Formulated with bioactive nutrients shown to decrease inflammation, increase blood flow and improve pain conditions. 
  • Clinically proven to reduce hospital visits, improve hemoglobin count and increase weight. 
  • Others report an increase in energy and stamina. 
  • May also help improve nerve pain, PMS and migraines.

  • $30.00

The Science Behind EvenFlo’s Effectiveness

EvenFlo is the result of hundreds of hours of research by top holistic physician, Dr. Charlie Ware and has proven to be 97% effective in placebo controlled clinical trials. It’s potency lies in 11 super-herbs such as: Dong Quai, Cordaylis, Rehmannia and White Peony.

Dong Quai is rich with vitamin B12, folic acid, folinic acid, nicotinic acid, and biotin, which attributes to its blood toning effects. It also contains Z-ligustilide, which has a calming effect on the nervous system, promoting relaxation and reduction in pain. 

Cordaylis contains a component called protoberberines. Protoberberines create an analgesic effect (numbing pain). 

Rehmannia has long been used to prolong life and heal ailments. A large part is due to hydroxymethyl furfural that acts as an antioxidant and may help manage inflammation.

Finally, we have White Peony which contains paeoniflorin. This compound is known to calm nerves, alleviate spasms, and help reduce pain.

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Featured Ingredients

  • Dong Quai

    Blood tonifying, calms nerves, helps reduce pain.

  • Cordaylis

    Analgesic and antispasmodic effects.

  • Rehmannia

    Antioxidant. May help manage inflammation.

  • White Peony

    Calms nerves and alleviates spasms.

Full List of Ingredients

Full List of Ingredients

Codonopsis Root, Rhizome Szechuan Lovage, White Peony Root, Dong Quai, Rehmannia Glutinosa, Atractylodes, Corydalis, Ziziphus Spinosa Seed, Licorice Root, Radix Salvia Miltiorrhizae, Poria

How to Take

  • Take 1 pill

    for maintenance

  • 2x a day

    In the morning & evening

  • With Food

    Take with a meal

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To Help Prevent Crisis

Take our signature products together for optimal results

EvenFlo Starter Kit

EvenFlo Starter Kit

A starter kit to help reduce sickle cell pain crisis.



To Help Prevent Crisis

Take our signature products together for optimal results

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