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A1 Care

A1Care is a natural supplement that helps lower blood sugar and maintain healthy blood glucose levels. It protects the cardiovascular system, and prevents damage to body systems from high blood sugar levels.*

Anemarrhena, found in A1Care, contains high levels of berberine and mangiferin. These two phytonutrients have shown positive effects on blood sugar and a1c levels. 

When taking A1Care customers have found the following benefits:

  • weight loss
  • increased energy
  • relief or lessening of cramps and muscle pains

* Dropping blood sugar too quickly can be harmful to the body. A1Care is not designed to drop blood sugar quickly. Our approach is to help the body slowly repair itself.

Download the product sheet here.

Who is it for:

A1Care is for individuals with Diabetes or Pre-Diabetes.


Adults take 2 capsules twice daily, preferably with food. Store in a cool dry place.


Dandelion, Turmeric, Polygoni Multiflori, Anemarrhena (10% Mangiferin), Scute Root (Berberine), Ginger, Poria, Codonopsis

    For Best Results:

      1. Combine with a well-balanced diet and exercise.
      2. Chromium is an important nutrient to help balance blood sugar levels. Diabetes typically lends itself to lower chromium levels. Supplementation of Chromium is recommended.
      3. Studies have shown B vitamins such as B12, B6, and Folate Acid have helped stop diabetic neuropathy in just 2 weeks. It is recommended to supplement with a Methylated B vitamin. 

    As effective as A1Care is, if you’re taking it with other medications, we suggest you spread it out evenly throughout the day. We always recommend you consult your physician before taking any supplements or changing your diet.

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