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Helps fight parasitic infections before they cause diseases. Boosts natural immunity.  

  • Potent mix of 10 super-herbs designed to help combat all symptoms of parasitic infections including fever, nausea and heart palpitations. 
  • Boosts the immune system and may help reduce intestinal inflammation caused by parasitic infections. 
  • 100% herbal, and without the side-effects of regular antibiotics.
  • $35.50

The Science Behind MalCAre’s Effectiveness

If you’re a frequent traveller, or live in countries like the tropics and sub-tropics, you are more susceptible to picking up parasites. These parasites live in your body and can trigger serious diseases if left untreated. 

Malcare may support the treatment of parasitic infections, including the dreaded Malaria. 

Malcare is a unique formulation that helps you mitigate the symptoms, while strengthening your immune system.  A potent mix of Artemesia (Wormwood), Phellodendria, Pinelliae, Citrus Peel, and Andrographis.

Wormwood in particular has been identified by the Nobel Prize winning researcher Youyou to be effective against parasites and parasitic conditions.

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Featured Ingredients

  • Artemesia (Wormwood)

Full List of Ingredients

Full List of Ingredients

Artemesia (Wormwood), Phellodendria, Pinelliae, Citrus Peel, Andrographis, Ginger, Coptis, Rhubarb, Mume Fruit, Agastache.

How to Take

  • Take 1 pill

  • 3x a day

    In the morning, afternoon, and evening

  • With Food

    Take with a meal