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Immunity-Boosting Tips to Help Prevent

Please know that these are only tips. You still need to take all precautions to prevent spread or contraction.  Always consult your physician for medical advice and if you feel ill get to your physician as soon as possible.


Immune health is always important, but especially so during this time of crisis. 

Having a strong immune system is key to preventing not just COVID-19, but illness in general. Around 80% of people infected with COVID-19 are either asymptomatic or experience mild symptoms that can be treated at home. 

Here are practical ways to stay healthy right now: 


Practice Immunity-Boosting Habits to Prevent COVID-19

Stay hydrated

You’ve probably heard the advice of drinking 8 glasses of water a day. While that’s a reasonable goal, other factors that influence water needs like exercise, environment, and overall health need to be taken into consideration too.

If you don’t feel thirsty and your urine is pale or clear, that’s a good indicator that you’re well hydrated.  


 Reduce inflammation by improving your diet

Stay away from mucus causing foods, greasy foods, excess sugar, dairy, and wheat. Eat vitamin-rich foods like turmeric, citrus fruits, and broccoli.


Don’t smoke

Even if you’ve been 20 a day kind of chain smoker. Just do not touch anything that might aggravate your lungs.


Keep your nasal pathways clean

Steam out your nose and lungs. Use a humidifier and put essential oils, like tea tree oil, in the water.



Sweating is a great way to flush toxins and improve your immune system.


Reduce stress

Stress will only aggravate your condition. Detox from electronics, social media. Walk, meditate or play board games to entertain and have family time. 



Herbal Remedies for a Healthy Immune System

 Take herbal formulas that boost immune health

Natural antiviral formulas such as ViRid or Malcare may help. Remember to consult your doctor before starting a new regiment.


Take vitamins C & D3

A “cocktail” of 500 mg of vitamin C twice a day and 1000-4000 u/day of Vitamin D3 may help in the prevention of COVID-19. Despite limited data on these findings, these products are inexpensive, safe, and easily available.

Melatonin can also help, as it has antioxidant and antiviral effects against COVID-19.




Cook with immune-boosting foods

Ginger, garlic, and turmeric all add amazing flavor to any dish and have immense health benefits. Ginger has anti-bacterial components and garlic and turmeric are powerful antioxidants. Read more about cooking with these ingredients here.



An ounce of prevention is better than a pound of cure. You must have heard the saying. It can’t be more pertinent than at this point in time. 

Small and healthy lifestyle changes plus herbs and vitamins are taken in appropriate quantities to begin healing your body from the inside. And a healthy body already has all the “warriors” it needs to fight off disease. 

The best part is - being healthy isn’t just protection against the Coronavirus, it is the only way to enjoy life to the fullest when the lockdowns finally lift.



Bonus: Hear what Dr. Ware’s advice on boosting immunity for COVID-19 in this video:




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