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Vi-Rid Jr.


Introducing Vi-Rid Jr: A potent fusion of nature and science, tailored for the young ones. Harness the power of a Kid-friendly herbal supplement, designed with a singular vision: fortifying your child's defenses.*

  • • DEFEND & RECOVER! Vi-Rid Jr. isn't just about prevention; it's about swift recovery. A two-pronged approach lets children both shield against and recover from colds and flus in record time.
  • • NATURAL CATALYST! By stimulating the body's own defense mechanisms, children are better equipped to fend off colds and flus. Stay proactive; don't just wait for the sniffles to start!
  • • PURE COMMITMENT! Commitment to your child's health means no compromise. No fillers, dyes, or preservatives. Just pure, natural immune booster goodness.
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The Science Behind
Vi-Rid Jr:

Ensuring your child's health during flu season is a priority. No parent wants to see their child sniffling, especially with school commitments.

Vi-Rid Jr. does two crucial things:

  • Defense Boost: It helps activate t-cells and macrophages, enhancing the body's defense mechanisms, ensuring an efficient immune response.
  • Attack Mode: If a cold or flu has made its way into the system, the phytonutrients in Vi-Rid Jr. prompt the same defense cells to eliminate the virus, potentially reducing the average cold or flu duration.

Empower your children, ensuring they bounce back faster and stronger, ready to embrace the joys of childhood.

Unique Composition

The special blend of herbs featured in Vi-Rid Jr. act to quickly boost the immune system.

All ingredients

Lonicera, Isatis Root, Indigo, Radix Helicteris, Licorice Root, Andrographis, Forsythia, Kudzu Root, Mentha

  • Andrographis

    Andrographis triggers the body’s natural immune response and works to reduce fever.

  • Lonicera

    Lonicera has been shown to act on influenza strains with laser precision.

  • Istasis Root

    Isatis root may help manage inflammation for the gut, where 80% of your immune system lies

  • Forsythia

    Forsythia may help the body's immunity against bacteria and virus.


For better results, follow these instructions:

Children 25lbs-60lbs - 1 full dropper (30 drops) directly in mouth.
Children under 25lbs - ½ dropper (15 drops) directly in mouth.

2-4X A DAY
In the morning & evening

Take with a meal


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