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Liquid Chlorophyll


Liquid Chlorophyll helps detox and promote healthy blood, giving you lasting energy and a vibrant radiance.*

• NATURAL BOOST! Liquid Chlorophyll helps support detoxification, promoting healthy blood and providing sustained energy, leading to a natural glow.
• EXCEPTIONAL PERFORMANCE! Chlorophyll not only aids in the regeneration of healthy red blood cells but also helps combat free radicals, enhancing luminous skin and robust hair.
• PERFECT BALANCE! It acts as a potent alkalizing agent, helping reduce body odor and bad breath, and maintaining the body's optimal pH.
• GENUINE & CONVENIENT! While many market options are synthetic, we offer a pure, authentic version that is easily absorbable, nutrient-rich, dissolves effortlessly, and is tasteless for easy consumption.

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      The Science Behind
      Liquid Chlorophyll's Effectiveness

      Through extensive research, chlorophyll has been proven to offer incredible benefits.

      • Restoring and replenishing Red Blood Cells: Liquid Chlorophyll aids in revitalizing and replenishing your red blood cells, providing you with sustained energy and reducing feelings of fatigue.
      • Waste Removal and Radiant Skin: By effectively eliminating waste and free radicals, Liquid Chlorophyll promotes clearer, glowing skin and thicker hair.
      • pH Balance and Freshness: Liquid Chlorophyll's alkalizing and cleansing properties contribute to a balanced pH, resulting in reduced body odor and fresher breath.
      • Hassle-Free Detox: Enjoy the convenience of Liquid Chlorophyll with its tasteless formulation. Simply drop it into water and embrace a fast and effective detoxification process.

      • Chlorophyll

        Chlorophyll is a unique superfood. It possesses strong antioxidant properties maintaining overall health and wellness.*

      All ingredients

      Chlorophyll, Kosher nonGMO vegetable glycerin

      • Non-GMO

      • Gluten Free

      • Vegan

      • No Artificial Colors


      For better results, follow these instructions:

      1-3 years old: 10 drops
      3-6 years old: 15 drops
      6-12 yrs: ½ dropper full
      12 years and older: 1 dropper full

      1X A DAY

      Can mix with water or juice


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