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LessStress helps you say good-bye to stress and hello to cool, calm and less edgy.*

  • •UNIQUE! Bupleurum root helps soothe tension from head, neck and shoulders. Makes it so you can relax, like you’re on a vacation.
  • •SUPERIOR PERFORMANCE! LessStress is a modern adaptation of a classic formula that appeared in texts over 3000 years ago. The research confirms its efficiency and effectiveness in relieving stress symptoms - Immediately 
  • •SUPERB INGREDIENTS! White peony root contains paeoniflorin, which allows you to alleviate muscle spasm and tension[5,6]. It also helps ease period symptoms[7,8]. - In A Flash 
  • •LOVE IT! Peppermint makes it so you can digest without the back and forth of constipation or diarrhea... it's never been easier
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The Science Behind LessStress Effectiveness:

Ever been told by your doctor, or other healthcare professionals that your problem is stress? They tell you to try yoga or meditation, but trying to fit that into your schedule just makes it worse. 

So, how can you calm down, reduce life pressures, and make life work all at the same time.  

If you understand what stress really does in the body, you’ll see how you can support it to calm down this response. 

Stress triggers a response in the body called the HPA-axis. When we’re under pressure hormones and neurotransmitters get triggered and released creating a complex cascading effect in the body. The HPA-axis starts in the hypothalamus, the brain center, then triggers the pituitary gland to release hormones, which then triggers your adrenal glands that release more hormones…most notably cortisol.

If we just look at Cortisol we see just a few actions that occur with stress.

  • Cortisol reduces blood flow making you feel tight in your muscles, leads to headaches, and worsens period symptoms. 
  • An increase in Cortisol slows down your digestion causing symptoms such as constipation, stomach cramping or diarrhea.
  • And cortisol raises blood sugar. This blood sugar release is helpful when we’re being chased by a lion, but in modern times we’re not running from anything physical, just sitting in our desks. This can lead to mood swings, energy crashes and more.

Does this sound familiar?

Time to leave stress behind and regain your cool

The herbs in LessStress have been shown to help curve this “stress response”. Leaving you calmer, happier and less irritable.

Unique Composition

LessStress features premium adaptogenic herbs that can help support a healthy stress response.*
  • Bupleurum Root

    Anti-inflammatory properties and regulatory effects of cortisone.

  • White Peony

    Eases muscle spasms and tension.

  • Peppermint

    Relieves migraines, bloating and abdominal discomfort.

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All ingredients

Bupleurum Root, Angelica Root, Atractylodes Rhizome, Ginger, Peppermint, White Peony Root, Hoelen, Licorice Root

  • Non-GMO

  • Gluten Free

  • Vegan

  • No Artificial Colors


For better results, follow these instructions:


In the morning and evening

Take with a meal


Frequently Asked Questions


Can you take both LessStress and PeacefulCalm? If so how is it suggested? 

Yes, this is one of our most popular combinations to help relax and calm. 


How do you know which to take, LessStress or PeacefulCalm? 

LessStress helps relax tension and stress related symptoms such as headaches, irritability, irregular menstrual cycles, clenched jaw, Migraines. PeacefulCalm helps calm the mind. Less anxious thinking, easier time focusing, better memory, less palpitations, better quality of sleep. 


How soon should you see the progress?  

It all depends. Some customer have noticed a difference right away, some within a few days. 


Can this be given while pregnant or lactating? 

No, it is not suggested to take while pregnant. Contact your healthcare provider before starting.

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