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Happy Belly Jr.


Happy Belly Jr. can help your little one with tummy aches* 


  • FAST ACTING! Helps them feel better within minutes. 
  • HIGH-PERFORMANCE! Happy Belly stimulates their digestion, leaving them feeling less bloated, full, or even nauseous. 
  • TASTES GREAT! Happy Belly Jr. is in liquid form, making it easy for little ones to take without making a face. 
  • EXCELLENT! Great travel companion easy to take with you on the road - Makes having a Happy Belly Effortless. 
  • ALL-NATURAL! No “pink stuff”, Only good for you ingredients.
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The Science Behind Happy Belly's Effectiveness

Does your child ever complain about their tummy hurting? It feels bloated, gas pains or acid regurgitation? This is usually due to over-eating or eating foods that are too rich and difficult for them to digest. Sometimes they need a little bit of help. 

How about when something is going around the school? They feel nauseous, have diarrhea? Happy Belly can help calm the stomach, aka. soothe gut motility. 

Happy Belly Jr. has two actions. It helps increase digestive enzyme production allowing them to digest those difficult to digest foods and absorb all the yummy nutrients their body needs to thrive! And…it also helps calm the tummy, so it's not over-active making loose watery stools, or under-active leaving them with hard pellet like stools. 

Happy Belly is something that tastes GREAT! And can easily be taken with you wherever you are.  

All ingredients

  • Non-GMO

  • Gluten Free

  • Vegan

  • No Artificial Colors


For better results, follow these instructions:





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