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Happy Belly


Happy Belly can help soothe an upset stomach within minutes*


  • FAST ACTING! Helps you feel better within minutes.
  • HIGH-PERFORMANCE! Happy Belly ENHANCES your ability to digest, leaving you less bloated, feeling full, or even less nauseous. 
  • FOR ALL AGES!  The whole family can take.
  • EXCELLENT! Great travel companion easy to take with you on the road - Makes having a Happy Belly Effortless.
  • ALL-NATURAL! No “pink stuff”, only good for you ingredients.
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The Science Behind Happy Belly's Effectiveness

Do you feel full, bloated, gassy or indigestion? This is usually due to over-eating or eating foods that are too rich and difficult to digest

How about when you travel to another country, or eat out and then you feel nauseous and all the unpleasantries that go with it. Happy Belly can help soothe gut motility aka. calm the stomach, so it's not over-active making loose watery stools, or under-active leaving you with hard pellet like stools. It can even help you digest those difficult to digest foods by increasing enzyme production. This helps ensure you're absorbing all the yummy nutrients your body needs to thrive!

Happy Belly is something the whole family can take and it's easy to take with you wherever you are.  

Unique Composition

The unique herbal blend in Happy Belly are designed to help maintain good gut health.*
  • Hawthorn Berry

    anti-inflammatory and antioxidant

  • Radish Seed

    high in digestive enzymes

  • Forsythia Fruit

    antiviral and antibacterial effects

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All ingredients

Hawthorn Berry, Fermented Leaven, Pinellia Rhizome, Poria, Citrus Peel, Forsythia Fruit, Radish Seed, Sclerotium fungus

  • Non-GMO

  • Gluten Free

  • Vegan

  • No Artificial Colors


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