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Commitment to Research and Results:

Healing Blends forges the path for scientific research combined with traditional applications of all of our herbal formulas. Each herbal extract, vitamin, and mineral is carefully researched to examine their healing properties to distinguish the optimal formulation to achieve optimal benefits for our patients. The use of vitamins in Healing Blends enhances curative properties and aids in minimizing any associative side effects, allowing patients to have maximum benefits without the risk of side effects.


Once an herbal blend has been determined to possess certain properties, it is formulated and sent out for either observational or clinical studies. Once ideal findings are determined, the herbal formula will be considered for mass production. This is our commitment to our patients, science and tradition.


Healing Blends has several research projects in Cameroon, one of which is at the pediatric service at Laquintinie Hospital in Douala. Another is located at Mountain University in Yaoundé. These projects are conducting research with our proprietary blend of herbs to combat pain and malaria. Healing Blends has several facilities in other countries preparing to begin clinical trials soon.


We here at Healing Blends Global employ a unique extraction process for each herb to impart maximum effectiveness, while preserving its organic attributes to create an unrefined balance within each formula. This extraction process enriches each herb by boosting their phytochemical properties to treat specific complex symptoms.


Whether a patient suffers from chronic pain, trauma, migraine, muscle or joint pain, or auto-immune disorders, etc., these products are scientifically formulated not only to heal ailments but also its root cause of pain.


The Healing Blends proprietary formulas are clinically proven to be fast-acting and effective. Each herbal blend is specifically created to work by enhancing, promoting and supporting the natural healing forces within the body. While also having detoxing, cleansing and strong anti-inflammation properties, these herbal healing extracts blend in synergy with each other to promote a beneficial effect on all body systems.

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