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50 million Americans suffer with chronic pain.



133 million Americans affected by chronic disease.

high stress

High Stress

An estimated 75 to 90 percent of all doctor visits are for stress-related issues.

Improper gene communication
may be the cause.

Your body's a complex system. Your genes are the blueprint. Your epigenome is the command center. Bioactive nutrients help everything work optimally. Get these potent nutrients found in Healing Blends supplements.

Healing Blends Supplements.

Created to Support
Healthy Gene Communication.

Genes define your health. But factors like stress, pollution, poor diet, and lack of exercise wreak havoc on gene communication.

Thankfully, there is a solution.

Scientists have found that genes love bioactive nutrients, particularly nutrients from plants and herbs. Bioactive nutrients keep your genes in peak form, allowing them to communicate efficiently with the rest of the body, reducing the risk of many common conditions.

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20 + Years Guiding

People to Health

We’re confident our supplements will support your health. After 2 decades in private practice, we’ve learned which bioactive nutrients best support our clients’ health. That’s why thousands of Holistic Health Seekers trust our products.

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What Our Customers Are Saying

Stephanie Cox

Stephanie Cox

After using EvenFlo Nutritional
Supplements, I have been feeling great! I have a great deal of energy now and my aches and pains has subsided a lot. I am taking two capsules a day.

Victoria Murdock

Victoria Murdock

PeacefulCalm has helped me through tremendously over the past two years. I prefer taking this because it’s all natural and doesn’t affect my daily routine. 5/5

Jazzmin Gayle

Jazzmin Gayle

When the seasons change, I usually get
aches that lead straight to a crisis. Fall this year has come with a vengeance and I truly believe that the supplements have help build my immune system to avoid crisis.


Healing Blends Supplements are Different.

Here’s Why:

Condition Specific

Each product was created for your specific condition. All the right bioactive nutrients in one formula.

Clinically Proven

Our supplements stand up to clinical trials with 97% success rate.

Professional Grade

Our herbs are extracted in an 8:1 ratio to ensure optimal effectiveness.


Are herbs safe?

Herbs have been used for over 5000 years to treat many health conditions. Today we have over 450 conventional drugs derived from herbs, and over 1000 clinical trials on individual herbs taken place. These studies show the strong ability of herbs to build the body’s resistance to disease and illness.

What are Bioactive nutrients?

Bioactive nutrients are found abundantly in herbs. They have been shown to protect all of our biological processes. This may build resistance to disease and early aging due to its effect on your gene expression. The bioactive nutrients in herbs are a valuable source of healing for many. Taken in daily doses these may be able to build the body against most conditions, inherited or acquitted.

What is the difference between vitamins and herbs?

At Healing Blends we use both herbal extractions, as well as, vitamins. Using herbal extracted nutrients to reset the body allows for best absorption. It is said that herbal extractions response are more bioavailable for the body to use.

Can I get my nutrients from food?

Food quality and soil production is lacking in many nutrients. Making food a less ideal source for full nutrient intake.

Can I take these herbs with prescription medicine?

First seek the advice from your medical health professional. If they give you the go ahead, simply space the herbs 1-2 hours from medications.

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