EvenFlo Sickle Cell Awareness Month – Healing Blends
Seek a temporary solution to the pain, anxiety, and distress that comes with Sickle Cell Disease? Live in fear of hospitalization? Have to think twice, thrice, 4 times before you swim or do anything else that others take for granted? Made your peace with this compromised quality of life?

We’re here to say that you can live to be 100 with Sickle Cell Disease. And thrive, instead of struggle.

Meet EvenFlo. Created by warrior and pain management expert - Dr. Charlie Ware.

EvenFlo is the only peer-reviewed nutritional supplement proven to prevent Sickle Cell Disease crisis with over 90% effectiveness.
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EvenFlo is NAFDAC Approved

EvenFlo is used to treat Sickle Cell in 150,000 Nigerians who suffer from the debilitating disease. 

This Sickle Cell Awareness Month it’s our pledge to get EvenFlo in as many hands as possible, so we can save as many lives as we can.

**Use Sickle Cell Awareness Month Code: CAUSE15

More Than a Supplement, EvenFlo is Life-Changing.

Spent the better part of your life in ERs, battling pain?

EvenFlo can prevent crisis with over 90% effectiveness.

More vulnerable to illnesses ‘cause of Sickle Cell Disease?

EvenFlo contains Rehmannia, a blood refresher known to prolong life and heal ailments.

Exhausted, fatigued and anemic?

EvenFlo is clinically proven to improve hemoglobin concentration by 31%.

Did you know EvenFlo also manages menstrual cramps?

Ever tried EvenFlo for erectile dysfunction?

EvenFlo Provides Relief From a Constellation of Sickle Cell Symptoms, Repairing Damage Caused by the Disease, and Harsh Interventions.

I found this supplement while searching the web and it has changed everything! Growing up with sickle-cell anemia SS has been difficult at times. I started to take 2 pills just when I was feeling minor body pains. After about a month of taking the pills maybe 3 times a week I had one of my annual 4 month doctor visits. Well to my doctors surprise, My hemoglobin count was the highest it had ever been. I am usually between 9 and 10 but because of this supplement, I am now between 12 and 13. My doctor is even recommending this now after I showed him what I have been taking to boost my blood count! Great Product for not just sickle-cell but anyone looking to boost their blood count. - Seymour Taylor

**Use Sickle Cell Awareness Month Code: CAUSE15

EvenFlo: The Potency of Nature’s Pharmacy.

EvenFlo is a carefully designed custom blend of super herbs like Codonopsis Root, White Peony Root, Dong Quai, Rehmannia Glutinosa, Atractylodes, Corydalis and more. 

EvenFlo works because we’ve extracted bioactive nutrients (good compounds) from organic herbs in an 8:1 distillation ration for professional strength. 

No chemicals. No fillers.

EvenFlo melds the science of today with 5000-year-old longevity wisdom for a balanced supplement that’s safe for long-term use. No negative side effects.


Gluten Free

No Artificial Colors
**Use Sickle Cell Awareness Month Code: CAUSE15

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