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Abstract for EvenFlo


Sickle Cell Disease(SCD) is a red blood cell(RBC) genetic disorder effecting persons of African, Middle Eastern, South Asian and Mediterranean descent. The only known cure for SCD is bone marrow transplant or stem cells. Both of these options come with huge risks but more importantly to find a match to have either procedure done has a 1% chance. Treatment options are limited to daily opioids, blood transfusions and hydroxyurea. These options have their own challenges, however they each only address one symptom of SCD and are not long-term viable solutions.Evenflo is a natural herbal compound, comprised of 12 herbs. 

 Evenflo has been through several clinical trials, observational studies and double studies that have shown to address many of the issues surrounding SCD patients. In all of the studies conducted Evenflo was tested to: improve hemoglobin rates, decrease daily pain, decrease hospilizations and improve quality of life. Evenflo has been used commercially for 8 years in clinical practice and for consumer. There have not been any adverse effects reported during any clinical trials, in clinical practice nor from consumer reports. We aim to prove Evenflo can be a viable, natural treatment to improve the effects of SCD.



Currently, there are not any products on the market to address the broad-spectrum issues that surround SCD. Additionally, the treatment options carry other health issues i.e., iron overload, toxicity, and minimal clinical outcomes. Most patients still take an overwhelmingly number of opioids, still are admitted to the hospital at realizably the same rate and experience daily pain. 

Purpose of study 

Our goal to show that Evenflo is a natural, efficacious alternative to helping to manage the symptoms of SCD. We aim to show improved hemoglobin ratios, decreased daily pain, decreased use of daily opioids, decreased hospital admissions, and improved quality of life. 

MethodologyTest the efficacy of Evenflo in SCD. We will use a 300-participant double blind study quantifying hemoglobin, daily pain levels and vaso occlusions experienced over 6 months. 

Research Design 

Testing of patients for baseline hemoglobin levels, verbal confirmation of daily pain levels, hospilizations, and amount of vaso-occlusions experienced in one year. 


To be determined.

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