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The Physician Behind the Formulas

As a healer, Dr. Ware made it his life mission to improve the lives of his patients and others around the globe.


While formulating supplements for his own patients, Dr. Charlie Ware, a Natural Medicine Physician, discovered just how impactful his herbal supplements were. After achieving success with one patient after the next, he knew he needed to expand to impact the lives of people globally.

With over 20 years of experience, Healing Blends was born. Dr. Ware formulated supplements to have few or no side effects. In fact, there are some patients who have been taking them for over a decade with no adverse effects. Our products are so safe, in fact, that not only do we take them, but our children do as well.

We exceed the standards set by the FDA and GMP.


We are 100% committed to providing you with the highest quality, professional-grade supplements. Our products are never “watered down” with fillers, and you never have to worry about harmful chemicals.We understand that the medications you’re taking may be managing your symptoms. However, our supplements take your whole body and your whole disease into consideration, improving your overall health.We don’t want you to just live a long life. We want you to live a full, vibrant life. The life you want to live.


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