• Immune Booster Kit

Immune Booster Kit

Now more than ever, our immunity and the immunity of our loved ones matters! 

The most effective and efficient way to boost your immune system is to first start with your gut. 80% of our immunity lies in our gastrointestinal tract. 

  • Super Juice Blends was carefully created to help improve GI health, immunity, all while boosting energy.
  • HB Zinc in several studies has shown to increase thyamin, a key element of the thymus to signal the death of viruses and bacteria in the body. Zinc activates approximately 300 enzymatic processes in the body including immune responses.
  • ViRid is our main formula that may help fight viruses because of the well curated herbs its composed of. The herbs in ViRid individually and collectively have shown to decrease the duration of a cold or flu, as well as help stop most symptoms associated with viruses. ViRid has several substances shown to increase immunity by boosting Killer T cells and the lymphatic system.

With these three powerful products you're able to give your body a fighting chance.*

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