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Liquid Chlorophyll


Liquid Chlorophyll helps detox and maintain overall wellness.*
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The Science Behind
Liquid Chlorophyll's Effectiveness

Most of the aging, pain and inflammation in our bodies can be traced back to free radicals. These free radicals weaken us physically, cause changes in normal healthy cells, and make us more susceptible to a variety of diseases. They also induce tissue damage, impacting our resilience to the stressors of modern life.

Chlorophyll is unique as a superfood. It possesses strong antioxidant properties, maintaining overall wellness.

It also closely resembles human red blood cells and can help support the blood for a renewed sense of vigour*.

  • Chlorophyll

    Chlorophyll is a unique superfood. It possesses strong antioxidant properties maintaining overall health and wellness.*

All ingredients

Chlorophyll, Kosher nonGMO vegetable glycerin

  • Non-GMO

  • Gluten Free

  • Vegan

  • No Artificial Colors


For better results, follow these instructions:

1-3 years old: 10 drops
3-6 years old: 15 drops
6-12 yrs: ½ dropper full
12 years and older: 1 dropper full


Can mix with water or juice


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