Don’t Give into Fear about Your Health...Help is Just a Video Chat Away

Let Sickle Cell Influencer, Dr. Charlie Ware, Guide You During These Uncertain Times 

in a 45- Minute Custom Tele-Consultation. 

What does the global crisis we’re going through mean for you and your health?


Are you doing all that you can to fight against disease?


What simple, preemptive steps can you take to give your body a much needed helping hand in staving off this virus and others? 

Don’t rely on social media and misinformation.  

The creator of EvenFlo, Dr. Charlie Ware has a career spanning decades and is opening his schedule to offer well-researched, clinically proven ways to improve immunity for sickle cell warriors.  

But this offer won't last. He's opening his time slot for just a select few individuals. 


  • Be conducted live on a secure video-conferencing platform. We care about your privacy. And you won’t need to leave your house.

  • Cover customized health, lifestyle modification, and supplement advice from Dr. Charlie Ware.  

  • Be followed by the shipping of appropriate, prescribed supplements. Receive them via contact-less delivery from the comfort of your home.  

  • Give you much needed relief from the hysteria and equip you with all the tools you need to keep yourself and your family healthy. 

  • [BONUS] Come with access to a complete presentation of simple lifestyle modification tips compiled by Dr. Charlie Ware. Based on his experience of working with hundreds of sickle cell warriors and people with chronic conditions.