Did You Know that Crisis 

Can Be Prevented?  

That's Right!

You don’t have to live in constant pain or the fear of being hospitalized. 

You can live life to the fullest, just like everyone else. 

We have created a tool kit of five 1-minute videos!  These easy to follow videos tell you ways in which you can better manage sickle cell crisis, experience less pain, and begin to repair the damage Sickle Cell disease has done to you.

Toolkit by Dr. Ware, the creator of EvenFlo - the only supplement out there that has a 97% effectiveness in preventing crisis.  

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Download "How to Prevent Sickle Cell Crisis"

You will receive a series of videos as a part of this toolkit. Here's the right information to prevent a crisis.

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  • [VIDEO 1] The 4 things that can help you manage sickle cell crisis 

  • [VIDEO 2] The 4 letter word that has the largest impact on how much pain you experience 

  • [VIDEO 3] The easy method of “trigger journaling” to begin preventing crisis 

  • [VIDEO 4] The power of adaptogens and why stress is keeping you in pain 

  • [VIDEO 5] How to not only recover from crisis faster, but gradually prevent it altogether